Terms & Conditions

This policy is part of the Member agreement (Terms & Conditions + Privacy Policy), hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement".

Stekking.com ("Stekking" or "We") offers an online service to allow members ("Member" or "You") earn credits on completing purchases via websites and applications of connected shops (the "Advertiser") (the "Service"). Terms and conditions that apply to the use of the Service are documented on this page.

By accessing or using our Service, You agree to the terms of the Agreement. We may modify this Agreement, with or without notice, and your continued use of the Stekking Service after such modification shall be deemed to be your acceptance of any such modification. If You do not agree to any modification of this Agreement, you must immediately cease use of the Stekking Service.

Early Access & Beta

The Service is available to members during our initial beta phase. This phase is intended for testing purposes and functionalities are limited and experimental during the beta. Members are expected to give extended feedback about functionalities and bugs during the beta to contribute to the platform growth. Stekking will not be liable for any failure of or delay in the performance during beta testing.


The Service allows Members to reclaim some of their money spent on purchases made on the Advertisers’ websites after using the Stekking.com website. This money is hereinafter referred to as the Cashback or Satsback. Cashback is converted to user credits after puchase (and in some cases after consuming the purchased service) and can be redeemed when the Advertiser confirms that the purchase is finite and can be rewarded.

In order for the cashback to be credited to You, You need to go to the chosen Advertiser’s website using the Stekking link and make a purchase there, in compliance with the terms, rules and tips indicated on the Stekking website, as well as on the website of the respective Advertiser. If the purchase is made in compliance with all the above terms, as well as the other necessary conditions stipulated by this Agreement, and no return of the product (or refusal of the service) was made, the Advertiser pays the Commission, a pre-agreed reward that the Advertiser pays for an attracted buyer who has made a purchase in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. This process takes an average of sixty days (for the avoidance of doubt, the estimated period is given only for information purposes and does not bind Stekking in any way).

If the Advertiser does not provide information about the purchases made by the Member, or Stekking does not receive the Commission, we are entitled not to credit the Cashback to the Customer until it obtains this information or the Commission, and is not liable to the Customer for the non-credited cashback in this case.

Becoming a Member

Only adults are entitled to register and become Members.

To become a Stekking Member and make use of the Service, the Member must go through the registration procedure on the Stekking website and accept the terms of this Agreement. Registration is required to create the Member account and correct registration of Member Cashback.

A single person may only have a single account; otherwise, Stekking has the right to block and delete duplicate accounts or all accounts that are associated.

Should a Member violate the terms of this Agreement, the rights of third parties, or pose a threat to the operation of the Service, Stekking reserves the right to block the account of the Customer, subsequently delete it, and terminate the Agreement with the Member, through notification to the email address specified by the Member when registering with the Service.

Stekking is entitled to make functional changes to the Service, change the rules of the cashback crediting, as well as supplement and modify this Agreement.

Receiving Cashback/Satsback

If a Member has made a purchase in compliance with all the terms of the Service and the Advertiser, and the estimated Cashback has been registered from the Advertiser to Stekking, the estimated cashback is automatically added as pending to the Member’s account. The Member's account shows an estimate of (future) Advertiser cashback and does not operates as a wallet. When cashback is ready for payout the Member can choose his preferred available method of payout.

Cashback is rewarded for purchases that are actually completed and payment is made. We recommend Members to save the information and the documents confirming that they have paid for the purchase.

Stekking sets the (estimated) cashback rate for each Advertiser and reserves the right to change it at any time prior to the moment of crediting the cashback.

The Service provides and guarantees the payments only in those ways specified on the site. Stekking is not liable for the inability to receive cashback in currencies other than those specified on the site. Stekking is not liable and does not compensate any additional expenses that could be charged when withdrawing Satsback to your external wallet or account.

After the Member initiates a payout request and Stekking has generated a withdrawable Lightning payment code or has transferred funds to the payout address given by the Member, the obligation of Stekking to pay out the cashback indicated in the request is considered fulfilled. Stekking is not responsible for what happens to the funds thereinafter.

Unclaimed Cashback will expire 365 days after it becomes available in the Member's account.

If Cashback is not registered after 2 business days, Members can post a claim for orders that generate more than 2000 satsback to customer support ([email protected]) and within 21 days after placing the order.

Stekking may use the services and solutions provided by third parties to effect payments of Cashback.

A Member can earn satsback up to a maximum of €100.- per month.

Stekking reserves the right to change the withdrawal conditions at any time with or without notifying its Members.

Authority and Responsibility

Stekking does not sell any products or services but is an advertising platform for Advertisers. We will not be responsible for the quality of the products or services provided by the Advertisers. All claims relating to the quality of the products or services of the Advertisers has to be addressed at the corresponding Advertiser.

Stekking reserves the right to block or delete the account of the Member if it has not been used to make purchases for 6 months from the date of making the last purchase through the Stekking website or from the moment of registration (whichever is the more recent). The Customer will receive notification of the potential deletion of his/her account by email as well as in the personal account of the Customer. In case of deletion, all cashback accumulated by the Member is cancelled.

Customer Agreement

Stekking reserves the right to reject cashback crediting and to suspend or completely terminate the access of any Member to the Service if the Member has breached the following terms of this Agreement:

Frequent orders for large amounts, completion of purchase by an employee of the Advertiser, forgary of information or documentation, complaints of fraud received from the Advertiser.

Intellectual property

By registering at Stekking, the Member acknowledges that Stekking owns the entire content of the Stekking website and related applications. The signs, logos, trademarks of Stekking, the trademarks and commercial designations of the Advertisers, as well as other data, the results of intellectual activity, and means of individualisation, published and available on the Stekking website, are the intellectual property of their respective owners and are protected by applicable law.
No one has the right to copy, distribute, publicly display, or create derivatives of the Stekking website, or use any materials owned by the Company without obtaining prior permission from Stekking.

Malfunction of the Service

Stekking admits the probability of malfunction of the Service related to technical problems or intentional or unintentional actions of third parties. In the event of such occurrences, Stekking will not be liable for cashback non-crediting and other non-performance or improper performance of its obligations under the Agreement. Stekking reserves the right to suspend the Service and its components until the threats or errors are eliminated. In all cases of Service malfunction, requests for refunding will not be considered.

Stekking reserves the right to cancel transactions made during a Service malfunction if there are objective reasons to do so or there are suspicions of possible fraud or error.

Stekking will take all reasonable efforts to eliminate the operative bugs within a reasonable time.

Stekking will not be liable for any failure of or delay in the performance of this agreement for the period that such failure or delay is beyond the reasonable control of a party, materially affects the performance of any of its obligations under this agreement, and could not reasonably have been foreseen or provided against, but will not be excused for failure or delay resulting from only general economic conditions or other general market effects.

Referral program

Members are prohihibited to use referral codes through the use of paid advertising on 'Stekking' or Stekking-related keywords. This includes, but is not limited to, bidding or running ads on search brand keywords that include 'Stekking' or similar variations and using 'Stekking' branded terms in your ad copy, is not appropriate.

Members are prohihibited to use referral codes to generate multiple accounts.

Accounts of Members who engage in such activities will be blocked from our services.

Stekking reserves the right to change the terms of the referral program at any time due to changing market conditions, risk of fraud, or other reasons.

Duration and Validity of the Agreement

This Agreement is considered to be entered into upon completion of the Member’s registration and is valid until the Member’s account is deleted.

This Agreement and Stekking's relationship with the Members of the Service in connection with this Agreement is governed by the law of The Kingdom of The Netherlands to the extent permitted by national conflict-of-law rules applicable to the parties of this Agreement.

In case of any linguistic discrepancies in the interpretation of the provisions of this Agreement, the English version of the Agreement shall prevail for purposes of its performance, interpretation and settlement of disputes.


You can contact us or send Your questions to us via email address [email protected]