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Bitcoin is a difficult idea to understand and yet so fundamental for our future as humankind. This is why many activist groups have taken it upon themselves to help propagate vital information about Bitcoin, this new tool for financial sovereignty. We decided to follow suite in our own way and started localizing great Bitcoin content first in Finnish and then expanding to other languages. The demand is clearly there.

Konsensus Network is a privately owned Bitcoin-only company that operates as a hub between authors, license holders, translators and distribution and production channels. The main focus of the company is to localize and distribute important literature pertaining to Bitcoin, Austrian economics and sovereignty.

Konsensus Network, the company is of course nothing without the dozens of volunteers that put their skin in the game every day because we all believe in the life and society changing capabilities of Bitcoin. Our operational model is what we call a starfish organization (decentralized & anti-fragile). It means we don’t believe in traditional organizational hierarchies and everyone has the opportunity to raise their personal experience capital on the basis of personal responsibility. Naturally we all expect to get compensated for our time eventually. It’s just that we have a low time preference.

That being said, it was very pleasant to find that during our first year in book publishing business we managed to actually not completely lose our shirts. Year 2020 will be a year of global growth, starting with the Portuguese version of The Bitcoin Standard.

It is a great honor to be a part of this experiment in sovereign self publishing. What a time to be alive.

Niko from Konsensus Network