Satsback Rules & Tips

We work together with partners (networks and online retailers) to generate your satsback. The time it takes to add your satsback to your account depends on the information we receive from the retailers. The time this takes varies by retailer and is usually registered within 2 business days. Travel-related purchases like hotel bookings and rentals are sometimes an exception and can take up to 60 days after you have completed your stay or your reservation is complete.
Most of our partners ask us to wait at least 48 business hours after a purchase is made (or until a reservation is complete) before reaching out to them for more information. If your satsback isn't visible after that time, please send an e-mail to [email protected] with a copy of your order attached.

To help tracking your future purchases and correct registration of your satsback we recommend the following rules and tips:

Disable third-party extensions and ad-blockers

Ensure you disable third-party extensions that can interfere with the registration of your transaction. Some extensions may overwrite partner links and others (like Ad Blockers) might block traffic to our partners. Set "Shields Down" during the entire shopping process when using Brave browser. Using Pi-hole? Check your logs and see if traffic from Stekking is blocked and whitelist our network partners for correct registration of your clicks.

Accept analytics & marketing cookies from the merchant

Ensure to enable/accept all analytics & marketing cookies from the merchant you are shopping at. Not accepting the these cookies could result in incorrect registration of your transaction (also when your click has already been confirmed).

Shop in a single browser session

Make your purchase directly after you are transferred from and complete your transaction in the same browser window and session for correct registration.

Use discount codes from only

Using discount codes from other sites and when paying with a card that has a cashback function or a bank bonus program, satsback may not be credited correctly.

Satsback policies can differ between sites and products

Most stores offer satsback for the actual amount paid for an item, without the cost of shipping and deducting the amount from used discounts codes and store credit. The cashback shown on our website is a maximum amount and can be lower for special products and product groups. We'll try to add as much information available about the expected satsback on the shop page.

Shopping on Mobile

When possible, make your purchases from a desktop computer. Satsback from purchases made on mobile devices is lost more often than those made from desktop computers as correct tracking is not always possible on mobile or in apps.

Satsback available for payout

Satsback is pending after it shows up in your account. If you don't return or cancel your order, the retailer will approve your satsback after a period of time. Your satsback is now available for payout. You can choose to payout to your favorite LNURL supported Bitcoin Lightning wallet (Phoenix, BlueWallet, Breez, BLW, Wallet of Satoshi, etc.).