Stekking 101 - Earn free bitcoin when you shop online

Léon November 06, 2020

What do you think of stacking sats when ordering a pizza or booking your next trip? Explore more than 10,000 merchants worldwide and start earning free bitcoin.

Stekking 101 - Earn free bitcoin when you shop online

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How do you earn bitcoin with Stekking?

  1. Select a shop and click to the website via
  2. Complete your purchase as usual
  3. Earn free bitcoin (satsback), paid via Lightning

Why Bitcoin?

Some use bitcoin to claim their monetary sovereignty, others treat bitcoin as a speculative tool for growing wealth, and some as a way of avoiding financial censorship from traditional payment channels. Bitcoin is open, borderless, neutral, censorship-resistant, public, and can be essential for multiple reasons. We think that it is the future of money. The time to get Bitcoin, also known as stacking sats*, is now!

* One Bitcoin can be divided in 100,000,000 pieces. One piece is called a Satoshi, also known as sat.

Stacking Sats with Stekking

We help you earn those precious sats while shopping online. That’s called satsback! Just follow the links to the shops on and shop and book as usual. When you don’t return or cancel your order and the merchant has approved your satsback you’ll receive your earned sats in your account.

How do I get paid?

All payouts are done via the Bitcoin Lightning Network, the second layer solution on top of the Bitcoin network that lets you send bitcoin instantly with minimal fees, and are powered by ?
All satsback in your account that are available for payout can be claimed directly into your favorite Lightning wallet like BlueWallet (iOS & Android) or Breez (iOS & Android)

Got excited?

We will educate you to help you understand the basics of Bitcoin and how to securely store your bitcoin, help you to find the best shops to spend your bitcoin and guide you through your journey down the exciting Bitcoin rabbit hole.

Start now and earn some of that magic Internet money!

We will continue to update our Blog to help you understand Bitcoin; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!

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